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With age, the body loses fat in certain areas. The deflated and drawn appearance can be even more evident in men who are very athletic. Over time, the body can lose some of its ability to produce collagen, which results in sagging skin. Over the past number of years, more and more men have been taking advantage of the cosmetic and restorative procedures that once were considered a “woman’s domain,” including using your own natural fat as injections as an anti-aging treatment.

Natural fat injections work to restore lost volume and recontour the face. Having a pleasing, youthful face can greatly enhance your social life and help advance your career – and Dr. Sullivan, our board-certified plastic surgeon, can help.

Why Choose Dr. Sullivan?

How do you choose a surgeon you can trust? Dr. Sullivan has well over 15 years experience with using the patient’s own fat to restore volume and artistically create a more natural facial appearance. Dr. Sullivan is well known around the world for the natural appearance he is able to create, which means as a patient, you will never look overdone, over injected, or as if you were operated on.

The number of fat injections Dr. Sullivan has performed is in the thousands. He has developed specialized instrumentation, with the help of the Micrins company, for both harvesting the fat and placing the fat in very defined areas to give the result that he has planned.

Not all surgeons have been well trained to perform fat injections in a way where the fat stays alive and the patient does not appear overdone. We have all seen people who look overdone. That is the fault of the surgeon doing the surgery, but this does NOT mean there is a problem with fat injections. Patients must be very cautious when choosing the right surgeon for this procedure.

How can you avoid getting the wrong surgeon? Make sure you ask to see a lot of their results and make sure they are truly the surgeon’s own results.

How Male Fat Injections Can Improve Facial Appearance

There are a number of problem areas that can be improved with fat injections:

Fat Injections vs. Non-invasive Injectable Fillers

Yes, there are many non-surgical, injectable dermal fillers that can be used to add volume and reshape some of these areas, and the fact that they are done in the office makes these fillers an appealing option. However, they are temporary “fixes,” and must be replenished approximately every six months to a year, whereas your own fat injections come from you and continue to be part of you – naturally.

This does not mean that fat injections will slow the aging process. However, because stem cells are part of the components in the cleansed fat we use in the injections, there is ongoing research to further evaluate the long-term aesthetic effects of fat injections as an anti-aging treatment.

Skin improvement seems to be another one of the advantages of your own fat as fat injections over the fillers that come out of a box.

Your own fat, if done very well by an expert, highly experienced surgeon is the best material for treating the circles under the eyes. Dr. Sullivan strongly recommends that patients are not treated with synthetic fillers in this area.

The Procedure for Male Fat Injections

Our specialized technique for fat injections is typically performed at the out patient surgery center. Using a gentle liposuction like technique, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sullivan, will harvest fat from an area of the body that has adequate fat to offer, usually the thighs.

Because the fat is taken from your own body, allergic reactions or rejection of the tissue has not been seen in our practice. Dr. Sullivan does not over inject fat, as fat survival with his technique has been very high. He puts in just the amount of fat needed. His experience of thousands of fat injections over more that 15 years has made this possible.

Typical Recovery from Male Fat Injections

There may be a day or so of discomfort, along with perhaps some bruising and swelling, as there might be at any injection site.

Most patients can return to work within three to five days. However, complete healing can take longer. This depends on the size of the recipient and donor sites and healing capacity of the individual.


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Dr. Sullivan is happy to announce he has resumed elective surgeries!

We are also now seeing patients in the office again following all guidelines and taking every precaution possible to provide an incredibly safe environment for all patients and staff.

Due to cases being moved back from the spring and the pent up demand for our services we are expecting to be FULLY booked out for the summer soon, limited spots are available. If you have any interest in summer surgery or services, please call us or contact us immediately so we can help you coordinate this before those spots become unavailable. Further, if you are seeking any services or surgery in 2020, we are anticipating an increase in price soon to deal with operating room fee increases.

We are here for any surgical or cosmetic questions you may have. Get in touch with us to see if there is any way we can help you.

We will continue to be here virtually for all those who prefer to have consultations in the comfort of their home.

Our online virtual consultations have been a very popular option for patients from as far away as Asia as well as usual coast to coast patients from New York to California, Oregon to Florida and many in New England.

Our virtual web consultations can be done right in the comfort of your own home, all you need is a secure internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone! We have 5 main steps we aim to accomplish with the virtual consultation:

  1. We listen to each patient carefully to establish exactly what it is they are looking for.
  2. We will give instructions to each patient on the specific pictures we will need from them as part of the virtual consultation. We send out sample pictures of just what we need, and the patient can send back their pictures that replicate this.
  3. We have chosen specific before and after photos of Dr Sullivan’s patients in order to show the patients what a prospective patient can expect (note, individual results will vary).
  4. We plan out and together come up with what we think is going to be a superb treatment plan for them.
  5. Finally, we find a time that is best for them that we can get this done.

We welcome you. Please come - we are open & here for you. If you would like to have a VIRTUAL CONSULTATION or an IN PERSON CONSULTATION or have any questions at all, please give us a call at 401-214-5121 or contact us via the website to set up your virtual consultation today!

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Dr Sullivan was recently featured in the Providence Journal. With a high demand worldwide for his services, Dr Sullivan adapts to continuing patients' inquiries with virtual consultations.

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