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We are excited to announce that Dr. Patrick Sullivan, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has been invited to share his unique approach to upper eyelid and eyebrow rejuvenation as part of an esteemed panel at The Aesthetic Meeting 2015. Hosted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), this year’s meeting is set to take place from Thursday, May 14th to Tuesday, May 19th at the Palais des Congrès in Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Sullivan’s panel session, which is entitled, “Upper Lid Brow Junction: What Do You Need to Fix?” is scheduled to occur at 7:00 am on Sunday, May 17th.

The eyelid, brow and orbital region is so important due to of how frequently we use the eyes to communicate. When talking with one another, we look into the other person’s eyes, and if someone has noticeable bags or sunken eyelids, the wrong message may be communicated. This is also true for people whose orbital region appears to be over-operated upon from a previous eyelid surgery. An overly operated upon appearance can often be distracting. Although there are many techniques used by plastic surgeons worldwide to treat the upper eyelid and brow region, based on the distinct ways people age, not every method achieves natural, high quality outcomes with the highest degrees of efficacy and safety.

Orbital Fat Injections from Patrick K. Sullivan, MD, FACS - Upper Eyelid / Brow Junction Treatment

Orbital Fat Injections from Patrick K. Sullivan, MD, FACS – Upper Eyelid / Brow Junction Treatment

As a leader and innovator in cosmetic facial surgery, Dr. Sullivan has developed a safe and effective approach to upper eyelid / brow rejuvenation. For this procedure, he also frequently utilizes fat injections, where a patient’s fat is transferred from another part of the body to correct areas of deflation. For patients who have a sunken appearance in the upper eyelids, Dr. Sullivan has discovered that filling with fat injections can often achieve a significantly more youthful look than if skin were solely removed or the brow had simply been lifted on its own. Additionally, for those who have areas of too much fullness adjacent to hollow regions, a smooth contour for the upper eyelids can be attained by decreasing puffiness while using fat to fill in the adjacent sunken areas.

By refining this inventive technique on cadavers, in the anatomy laboratory at Brown University’s Alpert School of Medicine, Dr. Sullivan has beenf able to increase its effectiveness. Further, this has allowed him to been able to collect evidence to support the safety of this technique before employing it in the operating room. He determined that the fat was being injected into a very safe tissue layer in the orbital region. As a result, his patients have had no issues to date involving the eyes and/or vision. Dr. Sullivan will also be showcasing his substantial body of evidence, collected from years of patient follow up appointments, which demonstrates that the fat transferred during the patient’s surgeries has stayed alive over time. The presentation will include four year follow up photos of the treatment.

Ultimately, Dr. Sullivan is excited to be presenting at The Aesthetic Meeting 2015, and he very much looks forward to discussing his proven approach to addressing the challenging issues in the eyelid region with fellow leaders in the field. Additionally, he is pleased to be joined by two nurses from our team who will also be attending the conference. They plan to help share information about Dr. Sullivan’s methodology while at the same time learning about the various treatments used by other surgeons and their nurses. Dr. Sullivan believes this collaborative approach is extremely beneficial to our patients on many levels – not only from a surgical standpoint, but also in regard to overall patient care.

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