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Face and Neck Lift: "It greatly increased my confidence"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "I Had Zero Pain"*

Breast Augmentation: "I was looking for something that would improve my appearance"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "The Eyes of an Artist"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "I Felt Confident In Him"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "It Doesn't Get Better Than That"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "Meticulous At Every Step"*

Tummy Tuck: "I feel like I've taken out a 15 to 20 year warranty on my body"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "Recovery was really what I expected"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "Recovery was not difficult"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "I knew I wanted to go to the best doctor I could find in my area"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "Don't make a decision without seeing Dr. Sullivan"*

Breast Augmentation: "Perfect Size, perfect symmetry, and I love the way I look in clothes"*

Breast Augmentation: "I feel much more confident in myself"*

Mommy Makeover: "Dr. Sullivan wants to make you as beautiful as you could look"*

Breast Augmentation: "Safety is the most important thing"*

Eyelid Rejuvenation: "I look rested and not tired"*

Breast Augmentation: "I feel like they fit my body. They are natural and proportionate"*

Facial Rejuvenation: "I think the recovery was especially fast"*

Facelift: "I look like me, only better"*

Facelift: "I had zero pain"*

Face and Neck Lift: Patient Expectations*

Face and Neck Lift: Surgical Transformation*

Face and Neck Lift: Response to Surgery*

Face and Neck Lift: Recovery Experience*

Face and Neck Lift: Advice to patients *

Facial Rejuvenation: "The Artist's Eye"*

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction: A Mother's Perspective*

Facial Rejuvenation: "The level of comfort and responsiveness-those are the details that really make a difference"*

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