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Last week, Dr. Sullivan participated in a live online radio interview with Lisa Singer of Women’s Radio Network.  In this interview, Lisa pointed out how Dr. Sullivan is world renowned for providing his patients with a naturally rejuvenated appearance rather than an artificial or “plastic” look.  As demonstrated in our online gallery, Dr. Sullivan’s approach to cosmetic surgery is to provide our patients with a softer more natural appearance, which avoids the patient looking as though they were operated upon.  As demonstrated in our online neck contouring gallery, Lisa and Dr. Sullivan go on to discuss a common problem faced by many women as they age, the appearance of jowls.  Dr. Sullivan discussed his method for treating jowls through lower face and neck rejuvenation in order to provide the patient with a smoother more defined jawline.  He also goes on to discuss his cutting edge use of a patient’s own fat cells with their associated stem cells to replenish lost volume in the face.  This technique has also been instrumental in eyelid rejuvenation surgery.  As discussed in his award winning article, featured in the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, Dr. Sullivan has performed over 350 consecutive eyelid surgeries to treat people with bags and circles under their eyes.  He is also utilizing the patient’s own fat/stem cells to further treat areas of deflation under the eye and in the upper cheek region as well.

Finally, both Lisa and Dr. Sullivan went onto discuss how the stigma of having cosmetic surgery is truly evolving and dissolving in our modern culture.  They discussed how cosmetic surgery is now used not only for vanity reasons but also is used to extend an individual’s work life and/or increase their overall confidence.  With an increasingly aging population living healthier, longer lives cosmetic surgery has become a means for aging individuals to regaining their sense of self and self-efficacy. As a recent facial rejuvenation patient stated, “now, when I look in the mirror, I see the self I feel I am.  My outside appearance matches my energetic and youthful feelings I have on the inside”.  Dr. Sullivan treats patients of all ages and walks of lives; however, he has noted a significant increase in working professionals looking for the subtle natural rejuvenation Dr. Sullivan is known for providing.

Dr. Sullivan always stresses the importance of patient education in selecting the appropriate surgeon to treat each person’s unique needs and anatomy.  He reminded listeners to always ensure your chosen surgeon is properly credentialed.   The importance of certification cannot be overstated and Dr. Sullivan stressed that when choosing a cosmetic surgeon you should always ensure they are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.   Many physicians may say they are board certified; however, it is important to understand which of the 23 specialties they are certified in.  For example, a doctor may be a board certified internist but this certification does not qualify them to effectively perform cosmetic surgery.

To listen to the complete interview with Lisa please click the play bar below.

For more photographic examples of Dr. Sullivan’s innovative work please see below as well as our online gallery.



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